In Tekube we firmly believe that quality, speed and price are key factors to guarantee our customers a superior service level. Those aspects generate value and support them in consolidating and increasing their market share.
Leveraging its multiple years of experience, Tekube team guarantees a competitive advantage to all companies that use semi-finished products such as printed circuit boards (PCBs), keyboards and molds in their production cycle.

Tekube offers its customers a capital made up of strong and consolidated relationships with production partners in Europe and in the Far East, selected over the years through very demanding quality standards.

The company is based in Italy with two offices, and in Hong Kong, with an office in charge of the relations with the Asian market.


Environmental care is one of the core values of our company

From the use of energy saving technologies in our offices, to the selection of production partners that certify compliance with eco-regulations, while minimizing the environmental impact of their production, our processes aim to the maximum eco-sustainability.


Tekube organization focuses on the customer and is organized by function.

We take advantage of the experience to adapt our services to your needs. We stay in touch throughout the process, from the offer request up to the order fulfillment. Our goal is your goal: to turn opportunities into successes.