Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)

Leveraging years of expertise in the electronic manufacturing markets, Tekube supplies high quality printed circuits boards (PCB) at a competitive price, guaranteeing competitive advantage to its customers. We offer fast sampling, pre-productions and and high volume productions, our diversification strategy allows us to grant a high level service also in the event of lockdowns or local national holidays.

Discover the PCBs manufacturing process

With regard to the quality in the PCB manufacturing and the business processes, our ISO supplier qualification process verifies the compliance with the IPC-A-600G, ISO / QS9000 and 14000, TM650, TS16949: 2009, IATF 16949: 2016, and the RoHS, REACH and Halogen Free directives.

We are able to satisfy, thanks to the skills of our technical office and our technicians and quality checkers in the Far East, the widest spectrum of technological requirements. In fact, our PCB offer ranges across the main printed circuit technologies:

PCB | Technologies


Double-sided PCBs


Multilayer PCBs


High Density Interconnect PCBs


Aluminium based PCBs


Flexible PCBs


Rigid-flex PCBs


Teflon and FR4 PCBs


Pass through hole minimum board thickness 100 μm aspect ratio PTH = 1:6 o 1:10 Microvia Minimum diameter 75 μm (laser drilling) Aspect Ratio blind hole = 1 Fine line minimum width trace/isolation 50 μm tolerance ±10%
Layer number standard up to 12, over 12 upon request (engineering approval needed) Minimum Inner layer thickness 50 µm, with 9 µm copper Minimum Prepreg thickness 50 µm (1 x 106)
Minimum Kapton thickness 50 µm, 25 µm upon request SolderMask/SolderDam 120 μm standard e 70 μm upon request Maximum PCB thickness 6.5 mm [wpi_designer_button id='2276']