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Why Tekube components?


Do you happen to find a BOM code that is obsolete and difficult to find in normal distribution channels, if not impossible?

Trust us and thanks to important international partnerships we will be able to relieve you from the thought of finding many mature components quickly!

Thanks to our offer of components

Our offer mainly concerns the niche of obsolete components, in allocation or difficult to find.

To offer an increasingly complete service that touches all the touchpoints of the supply chain.


Guaranteeing our customers:




Our supplies of components in fact have the following characteristics:




The service we offer

In particular, we are committed to providing, in a very short time, all the information necessary for:

  • Find obsolete, allocated or low availability electronic devices

  • Schedule a management of your warehouse stocks

  • Optimize the purchase costs of your supplies



We also give you the way to

Monetize your Electronic Warehouse Surpluses


Thanks to our international network of contacts, it is possible to have excellent opportunities to sell your surplus stocks of interest to hundreds of potential foreign customers.

(Also obsolete or discontinued devices)

Thus managing to monetize an otherwise unprofitable stock.

In fact, we will buy your surpluses ourselves and they will result in a common sale in Italy.

(Always we will subsequently organize the foreign sale with relative export).




Our general archive regarding surplus devices (obsolete or unused), is updated daily and we will be happy to also enter your surpluses that you will send us to the email address:


We emphasize that all our services are completely free and mainly aimed at consolidating future commercial and technical relationships between our companies.


DISCLAIMER: just because the niche we mainly follow is above all that of obsolete components, some of the brands that follow may no longer exist or have changed their name currently.

Main brands treated

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Are you looking for a particular component?

Check on our component search page if we have it in stock with some of our customers.

Can’t find it? At the bottom of the same page you will find the form to send us the request.

In 24-36h we will find the component you are looking for at the best price!

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