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Tekube offers itself as your expert partner in the supply of electronic components for industrial use. Our experience allows us to select and import both active and passive components from qualified international suppliers.

With this page and service, we start to create a community where partner companies and new entrants can search for the components they need fast and quickly and at the same time can feed our database and monetize their overstock.

In Tekube the first thing we share our values. It’s not just about doing business. It is about learning to find a balance between the desire to create profit and the need to live a life that creates value for others.

It’s not what we do, but how we do it.

With this service, you will not be able to buy directly online but you will be able to find items that other companies like yours may have in stock, in excess, and so you will be able to have goods in tight turnaround. By finding a higher value service especially for obsolete codes, difficult to find and allocated.

Can’t find the component in our table? Fill out the form and send us your request, within 24h you will get our answer with the customized solution.

Search codes

Look for the code in our database, enter the Part Number in the filtered Table and check availability.

You can completely filter each column to check the Quantity and Description of the code in question.


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Check availability and don’t worry if you can’t find the component you are looking for! If you do not find it, fill out the request form and we will take care of the rest.

If it is included in the table, once we receive your request from the contact form we will begin to recover the pieces for you from our partners and begin the negotiation.


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Buy the parts

Once we receive your request and confirmation of availability, we will send you the offer and you will be ready to safely purchase our partners’ overtsocks, drastically reducing lead times.

Vice versa, if the pieces are not in the database, we will start the search with our international suppliers and in 24 hours we will work out the best solution for your needs.


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