Risk management, why keep choosing Tekube

Pubblicato il: 6 April 2020


In Tekube, as our own “payoff” says, we build tailor-made semi-finished products, engineering and industrializing them according to the needs and wishes of each individual customer.

We are well aware of the responsibility we take on, and it is a source of great appreciation for the trust that our customers guarantee us every day.

On the other hand, electronics is more and more pervasive in every sector, consequently the technological growth of components has meant that even quality semi-finished products are increasingly in demand, and it is at the same time increasingly difficult to find suitable suppliers.

Having lived in the semi-finished products market for years, it is becoming increasingly clear that some supply chains are highly dependent on China.

For this reason, right from the start in Tekube we decided to support a wide range of production partners based in different strategic areas of the world:

  • Far East, not only China – (Vietnam, India, Malaysia);
  • Europe – (Slovenia, Croatia, Romania);
  • Italy (Yes, we also have partners in our area).

The geographical division of risk is well considered in our industrial strategies, because today the global crisis is linked to a virus, conflicts or financial crises could happen tomorrow: it is difficult to make predictions.

What is certain is that the leading role of the Chinese economy in the electronics market, both in components and in assembly, is undeniable and destined to consolidate.

One of the reasons is that most of the raw materials used to build our beloved semi-finished products (printed circuits, keyboards, etc.) are extracted and processed almost exclusively in the Asian subcontinent, particularly in China. The cost of labor, as far as robotization goes on and on, remains very competitive throughout Asia: we even see phenomena of relocation of the production plants, within the same states, to look for labor cheaper: this is what is happening from Guangdong to central China.

Do not overlook the fact that, in technological terms, where in Italy, we are now talking about digital, in China and Hong Kong in particular, industry 4.0 with high automation, with higher performance standards, has already existed for years.

The world of international component distribution, while taking advantage of some stocks in stock, has been confronting for years with the scarcity of semiconductors and components that come from the nation of the dragon.

Certainly having European and Italian partners have allowed us to guarantee the speed and quality of our supplies, and they will only be able to support the Asian quality and convenience in the medium and long term.

Quality guaranteed among other things by our UL codes, by our ISO 9001 certification, by our supply specifications and finally by our ubiquitous quality checkers on site.

In summary, Tekube believes that every wise sourcing strategy should also focus on Asian productions:

  • For the high technical-quality standards;
  • For convenience, in fact the already high prices of the local market have skyrocketed and are certainly not sustainable in the long run, especially considering the unpredictable market developments;
  • Because the Chinese producers have already returned, especially as regards the PCBs of our competence, to 90% of their production capacity and are quickly disposing of the accumulated production queues;
  • Because in Tekube we have selected for you producers with plants all over Asia and continuously monitor the market for new and more competitive offers.

Even in this difficult context, using all the tools that technology makes available to us and exploiting the consolidated network of subcontractors, we have been able to guarantee the start of production and we do everything possible to always be at your side, managing any delays and critical issues.

We are convinced that we have done a good job and will continue to do so.

As already suggested, the best way to deal with changing market conditions is the constant collaboration between supplier and customer, planning together a sufficient buffer stock to face possible future situations of difficulty in concretizing the Just In Time model.

Adaptability as a competitive advantage for our customers: always available to innovate by your side.


The Tekube team