When you discover and test our company, you realize that in Tekube we believe that quality, speed, and price are the key factors to ensure that our reality provides customers with superior service. Generating them different advantages, in fact, in addition to cost savings, we develop tailor-made technical-logistic solutions. Supporting them in consolidating and growing their market share.

Thanks to the Tekube team’s many years of experience, we can guarantee a competitive advantage to all the companies that use semi-finished electronic components such as printed circuits (PCBs), keypads and moulds in their production cycle.

Tekube is a flexible and dynamic company that provides its customers with capital made up of strong and consolidated relationships. With productive partners in Europe and the Far East, selected over the years through very stringent quality criteria.


Now scroll down and discover our company mission and our vision.


Why we do it?

Our company’s mission is to support the customer in the supply of his semi-finished products. Supporting it from design to production, accompanying it step by step in all phases of the collaboration.

Encouraging, if necessary, the training and growth of its technical department. Thus creating a mentality and a way of working that helps, in the long run, to collaborate in a clear and rapid manner.

In this way, beneficial partnerships are created and consolidated for all parties and operators involved, generating an intangible but invaluable value.

Our company operates in two Italian offices, in Udine where we have the registered office, as well as the technical office. While in Bassano you can find our customer care and logistics office. Finally, the headquarters in Hong Kong, responsible for relations with the Far East, where we have our quality managers, which are the extension of our gaze and our mind.


What is our dream?

Our company vision is to have a healthy ambition to supply the best realities in the market, that like us, believe in the disruptive power of technology and innovation.

We dream with open eyes, as the image shows, but we work with perseverance, determination, and pride. Because this is not just a dream or beautiful words but a commitment and daily effort.

Competence, in fact, when accompanied by humility, respect and radiance lead to taking away different satisfactions.

In fact, we are proud to be partners of more than 100 companies, ranging from the most diverse sectors, from lighting to the aerospace industry.

We are and will always be the first promoters of your success.


Environmental care is one of the core values of our company

From the use of energy saving technologies in our offices, to the selection of production partners that certify compliance with eco-regulations, while minimizing the environmental impact of their production, our processes aim to the maximum eco-sustainability.

Business organization

Tekube is a structure that focuses on the customer, organized by function.

We use the experience to adapt our services to your needs.

We stay in touch throughout the process, from the offer request to the order fulfillment. Our goal is your goal: to turn opportunities into successes.