Our company

In Tekube we believe that quality, speed, and price are the key factors to ensure that our reality provides customers with superior service. Our offering is dedicated to the organizations that employ semi-finished electronic parts such as printed circuits (PCBs), keypads and moulds in their production cycle.

Quality comes first: regardless of the final application and the chosen technology every panel is manufactured, based on the technical specifications provided by the client, in compliance with the principles of total quality aiming at zero-defects. Then comes the cost savings, allowed also by tailor-made technical-logistic solutions, specific for the manufacturing order.

Guaranteeing competitive advantage means, for Tekube, granting the client the preconditions for a consolidating and growth in their market share. We do it providing a capital made up of strong and consolidated relationships, with production partners strategically selected in Italy, in Europe and in the far east.


Why do we do it?

Our company's mission is to support the customer in the sourcing process of the semi-finished products needed to manufacture their goods. Supporting the client since the design, moving forward to industrialization and reaching mass production, the customer is assisted step-by-step in all the manufacturing process.

The dynamic approach fosters communication and the information exchange between technical offices, granting effectiveness and professional development. This way, the client becomes a business partner, for the benefit of both companies that, sharing expertise and know-how, will obtain a priceless albeit intangible value.

Our company operates in two offices: the headquarters are located in Tavagnacco (UD) and act as the registered address and technical office; a branch office is located in Hong Kong and is responsible for the relations with the Far East, where we also have our quality staff that are ready to carry out quality inspections and to support the logistic process.


What is our target?

Our company vision is to make Tekube the partner of choice by the most advanced companies and organizations that firmly believe in the disruptive force of technology and innovation as much as we do. We also believe that to really be disruptive, an innovative technology should be made as accessible as possible and we want to become the "connector" that allows our partners to take advantage of the most innovative technologies.

We already supply million of PCBs each year to organizations in the most diverse markets, from lighting to the medical industry. Do you want to become our next partner? Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


There is no other other earth. Environmental care is one of the core values of our company: from the use of energy saving technologies in our offices, to the selection of production partners that certify compliance with eco-regulations, while minimizing the environmental impact of their production, our processes aim to the maximum eco-sustainability.

Business organization

Tekube is an organization that focuses on the customer, organized by function. We leverage our experience to adapt our services to your needs. We stay in touch throughout the process, from the offer request to the order fulfillment. Our goal is your goal: to turn opportunities into successes.