Tekube wishes Happy Easter

Pubblicato il: 10 April 2020

Although humanity is inevitably focused on the Coronavirus emergency that has characterized our daily life for three months, Easter will be celebrated on Sunday and it will be an opportunity for each of us to reflect and virtually embrace our relatives and friends with a message. or a video call.

Leaving aside the work for a moment, in fact, let us embrace the senses and beauty of nature and the family.

Our kitchens and grills will smell of wood and a thousand other flavors.

With sugar, candied fruit and sweets in a review, we will fly with our thoughts thinking about future good times.

Sad and happy, without whims we will stay at home with our disheveled and disheveled hair full of curls.

It will be possible to remember and feel the citrus scents that indicate the birth of the new season.

In fact, perfumes and fragrances always spread new hopes such as the intoned notes of old songs gone!

In the fields, we begin to review the flowers, and yes they glimpse the roses that make all other things beautiful.

We hear the chirping of birds in a celebration that the nightingale or perhaps the wine, in song, have given us in the head.

Therefore, with the hope of doing well, we greet you and thank you all.

To finish Happy Easter we want to wish you hoping to start collaborating again soon.

The Tekube team