From design to industrialization

Since 1991, our experience in the PCB development process is making the difference in improving the quality of PCBs. We ensure that production files and the documentation are correct and specific for the manufacturer. Selecting the right plant for your projects needs for expertise in the PCB manufacturing process. We know that the PCB design process can be hard. Our engineers expert in CAM software can help: we will guide you in every step, from mastering to industrialization targeting the most reliable and economically efficient design solution. The goal is to provide advice aimed at improving, whenever possible, mass production, optimizing the use of materials (minimizing waste) and perfecting the production process in order to avoid critical issues that generate waste and production delays.

Quality control

Our approach to total quality is simple. In Tekube we perform control quality on the printed circuit boards in addition to the quality checks always performed by the PCB manufacturer. Each shipment leaves the production site with an Outgoing Report attached, allowing the customer to validate all the qualitative and quantitative measurements made on the products, together with the declaration of conformity. Our comprehensive PCB services includes the most modern and advanced instruments to grant the highest quality standards. Or team works in close cooperation with the plants located in Europe and in Asia to grant the best manufacturing quality and a punctual delivery.


All the production process control procedures refer to ISO9000 regulations, contributing to the drafting and management of production documents such as the PPAP report and the IMDS declarations. To grant a full manufacturing process tracking, Tekube is registered in UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Multiple Listing. Tekube has developed a custom supplier evaluation program, coded in ISO9001 certified Quality Management System.

Free Gerber Review

A fundamental step of the industrialization activity is the revision of production files (Gerber, foil, paste etc.). We are often able to identify areas for improvement which, once worked, allow for a speed-up of time-to-market and greater production efficiency. This will guarantee you greater competitiveness and flexibility, in an increasingly challenging market that requires dynamism and adaptability.

Out-of-stock components warehouse clearance

We provide synergies to our partners supporting them in finding out-of-stock and outdated components thanks to am overstock exchange/sharing program.

In case you own obsolete or hard-to-find components, we can help you lowering your inventory investments by adding your part numbers to our database: we will get back to you if those components will be needed by other companies. On the other hand, if you are looking for an out-of-stock component, we will look-up for that PN on the database that gathers the available parts in our entire network.


Leveraging the global top players in the shipping industry, we are able to provide international services by land, sea and air, aiming at the best ratio between price and rapidity, organizing possible groupage to optimize spending. In order to avoid even the slightest degradation of the PCBs, particular care is taken in the packaging. In fact, silica gel and moisture indicators are present in every individual heat-shrink blister, on the outside an adhesive label is placed indicating product code, quantity and data code. This information will be replicated on the outer box, ensuring a continuous tracking of the shipping.

Fast Response

Our switchboard and our sales team are always at your disposal, guaranteeing you professional advice and in many cases interesting ideas in the development of your project. In fact, together with the customer we try to create a service that takes into account all the needs on a case by case basis, providing unique solutions based on each individual request. Usually requests for offers are processed within 24-36 hours to allow the customer to have an immediate view of the costs to be incurred in order to calmly and carefully plan his strategies and purchases.