Meaning and definition of Tekube

Pubblicato il: 25 September 2019

Have you ever wondered, what can Tekube mean?


Tekube is an all CUBE reality, yes you got it right, no mistakes.

Because in Tekube, the client doesn’t have to solve any puzzle to get his semi-finished products, because, unlike Rubik’s, our cube knows only one color, the blue of quality, the blue of  Tekube.

Quality guaranteed by our work, punctuated by rigid and rigorous criteria that are the mirror of the faces of the cube that represents us.

We are ready to bend over backward for our customers, guaranteeing and living with them the following standards and values!

T for Timeliness:

try to minimize the time between the supply request and the delivery.

E for Efficacy:

At Tekube, the technical office studies together with the customer the best solution to have semi-finished products that meet their needs, even the most customized.

K as Know-How:

Per Tekube l’insieme delle conoscenze tecnico-industriali e commerciali è un asset di straordinaria importanza che garantisce vantaggio competitivo, per sé e per i clienti. In particolare, il nostro ufficio, nelle figure dei due responsabili, può vantare più di 40 anni di esperienza nel settore dell’elettronica e elettrotecnica. Questa esperienza miscelata e condivisa con gli altri membri del team, più giovani e digitali, crea un ambiente dinamico e flessibile che ci permette di essere sempre pronti nel rispondere alle richieste del cliente, di giorno in giorno più complesse.


U as hUmanity:

For Tekube the set of technical-industrial knowledge and commercial is an asset of extraordinary importance that guarantees competitive advantage, for itself and customers. In particular, our office, in the figures of the two managers, can boast more than 40 years of experience in the electronics and electrical engineering sector. This experience mixed and shared with the other team members, younger and digital, creates a dynamic and flexible environment that allows us to be always ready to respond to the client’s requests, more complex day by day.


B as a Bilateralism:

For Tekube true success is only mutual and shared, we consider ourselves gratified by our work only if the customer is fully satisfied by our semi-finished products and our services, throughout the entire purchasing and supply process. Thanks to the support and assistance we cover, we are at your side as partners rather than just suppliers.

E as Efficiency:

It is not enough for Tekube to obtain semi-finished products of excellent quality but to be able to design, industrialize and produce them, optimizing the client’s investment, always oriented to cost savings. All this to be able to offer a competitive advantage over the competition.



Ready for the challenge of the market, we are sure that Tekube can be for you not only a supplier but a reliable ally always at your side.


 Tekuber once, Tekuber forever